Anealon Coatings

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Bud Yancer Racing Engines now offers AnealonTM




Ring & Pinion ran several laps with no oil and has no welding!

Anealon* is a self lubricant, anti galling ceramic.

When applied to parts that see high pressure, high friction,

it can stop the welding, galling process.

Reduced friction means more power to the ground.

We can treat:

Transmission gears

Ring and pinion gears

Bearings, cups & cones

Wrist pins

Steel connecting rods, no bushing needed!

We offer a complete line of heat control, friction reducing coatings.

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Cam and Lifters after break in and 60 passes.


Bud Yancer Racing Engines now offers Anealon* Stocker Cam & Lifters


Standard Features include:

Cam Anealon* treated

Lifters Anealon* treated

Oil holes in lifters

.015 travel hydraulic lifters

With Anealon* treated cam & lifters, you can run your springs from the start.

Cam treatment $125.00

Lifters $395.00 set

Ford - Chevrolet - Chrysler




Record setting AMC crank with standard features, heat treating and balancing.


The Best Stocker Crankshafts.

Standard Features include:

Index Set

Stroke set to +/- .015

.125 Radius

Oil holes champhered

Polished & straightened

Starting at $450

Add ons:

Heat treating

Oil shed treatment

Counter weights profiled


Please call for pricing. 520-568-3511

*Anealon is a Registered Trade Mark of Tech Line Coatings.

Yancer Specialty Inc. 520-568-3511 Phoenix, AZ