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 Cylinder Heads

Pro Stock technology!

Fully CNC ported, 2.450"/1.850" Manley titanium valves, Comp Cams 1.650" Pacaloy three-coil springs, 10° Apollo Trick Titanium retainers, Comp Cams 10° locks

Dart 360 heads CNC ported by MACH Development

 Complete and fully assembled, Manley SS valves, 2.300"/1.880", Heat treated spring cups, 1.625" H-11 double roller springs, 10° Apollo TrickTitanium retainers, Comp Cams valve locks, ARP rocker arm studs, Comp Cams 3/8" guide plates


Dart PRO 1 Aluminum Heads by MACH Development


        Complete and fully assembled, One-piece stainless steel valves, Dual roller valve springs,  10° retainers and locks, Screw-in studs and guide plates, Matched ports, Bowls blended, Competition three-angle valve job


Intake Manifolds

MACH Dart intake manifolds incorporate sophisticated wet–flow technology developed on successful oval track and drag racing engines. Its not made as a "universal" manifold; every MACH Dart intake is engineered for a specific cylinder head, block, and carburetor combination. This means optimized port shapes, the plenum volumes, and the runner angle for each application.


MACH Dart manifolds are designed to make engine building easier. For example, tall–deck big–block manifolds use standard length distributors, and small–block manifolds have provisions for "four corner" and center cooling. Most MACH Dart manifolds have bosses for nitrous injectors, too.

It makes sense to use an intake manifold from the induction system experts such as Dart and MACH Development!


The DART cast-iron Big ‘M’ Big Block is a no-compromise design that solves the problems that have plagued Big Block racers for years. DART has redesigned the lubrication system to create a true “priority main” system that oils all of the main bearings before the lifters for extra reliability. The stepped main oil gallery increases the flow of oil to the crank at high rpm and the front oil crossover eliminates internal oil leaks around the distributor shaft. The result: more oil at the bearings and pushrods where it’s needed, and less power-robbing crankcase windage. Big Blocks are also prone to head gasket failure in the long spans between head bolts. DART has added two head stud bosses on both sides of the lifter valley to take the place of the “missing” head bolts.

The DART Big ‘M’ is engineered to be the strongest, most reliable and easiest to build big block on the market.

DART Big ‘M’ Features:

  • Siamese extra-thick cylinder walls (up to a 4.625” bore)
  • Crankshaft tunnel clearanced for up to 4.500” stroke without grinding
  • Four-bolt main bearing caps
  • Rear four-bolt cap
  • Dual Oil Pan Bolt patterns
  • Reinforced Bellhousing flange



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Yancer Specialty Inc. 520-568-3511 Phoenix, AZ