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Steam Tubes 

Increased Horsepower...

While controlling detonation!  Used by professional engines builders like Dale Eicke and David Nickens and Race Winners like Darrell Alderman.


Cross Over Manifold - used to connect steam tube plumbing.  Can be custom built for your application.  Please call for details!



 Pontiac Pro Stock

 Dodge Hemi  

Dodge 358


Steam tubes are installed on cylinder heads, under the valve cover, to increase horsepower while controlling detonation.  Machining and plumbing required.

Race Winners Like Darrel Alderman using Mach Products!

MACH Development Connecting Rods for most configurations!  Available in H-Beam,    I-Beam, and 70 series Aluminum.  Built to strict Mach Development specifications.  All steel rods are 4340 and equipped with ARP bolts. 




Yancer Specialty Inc. 520-568-3511 Phoenix, AZ