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Jeff Lee

NHRA Stock Eliminator D/S 1970 AMX. Owner / driver: Jeff Lee of Anthem Arizona. 390 engine by Bud Yancer, MACH Development. Car has run almost 3 MPH faster than the current NHRA D/S record of 120.76. Engine reliability was a weak point due to the AMC oiling system however has improved exponentially as a result of improvements to the oiling system and cooling system by MACH Development. MACH Development had components in this engine coated with TECH Line coatings as well as cryogenic tempering of parts. Dyno results on MACH Developments Stuska engine dyno showed both horsepower and torque to be over 500, an improvement of 75+ horsepower over what was available previously. This vehicle is ready for competition in Division 7 Stock Eliminator events in 2003.

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